Why Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Resorting to litigation in crowded courts to resolve disputes can be unpredictable, time-consuming, expensive, within public scrutiny, and can lead to unanticipated consequences. Relying upon Mediation, Arbitration, Special Masters/Magistrates, Independent Investigators, E-Discovery Special Masters, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution can enable parties to: a) resolve, settle and compromise disputes themselves less expensively, more expediently, on a confidential basis, and on creative terms fashioned by the parties themselves; or b) when mediation fails, have their dispute determined by an arbitrator who is proficient and experienced in the industry or area involved in the dispute (e.g., internet, healthcare, finance, employment, education, brokerage, family law, complex commercial, etc.).

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to become the "Go To Firm" for Alternative Dispute Resolution in South Florida. We're not just another mediation firm. We want to attract the highest caliber of professionals capable of serving in a variety of ADR functions, as Independent Investigators, Court-Appointed Special Masters, Magistrates, E-Discovery Special Masters, Receivers, Referees, Neutral Case Evaluators and the like in judicial, administrative, regulatory, corporate, and related forums. When Courts, Businesses, Organizations, Attorneys and other professionals think about how disputes can be resolved, Specialized ADR wants to be considered the alternative to "Go-To."

Specialized ADR Is Results-Oriented

The Specialized ADR approach cuts down on the time needed to be spent explaining the complexities of the issues and gives the parties an opportunity to have a third party neutral in the room who understands their problems as well or, in some cases, possibly even better, than they do. This saves the parties time which, in turn, saves them money. It also provides the parties with high quality, intelligent, engaging, and effective assistance on a neutral and efficient basis. We will utilize cutting edge technology and creative resources to make available web-based mediation, operate 7 days a week into the evening, use professionals who speak foreign languages, offer Team Mediation, and arrange for the infrastructure needed to handle a wide array of ADR services.

Education and Community Involvement

Specialized ADR is dedicated to enhance education to the professions and parties in conflict about the usefulness and advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution and, likewise, committed to community involvement. As such, a portion of SADR gross profit will be donated to the Legal Aid Society.