What Makes Specialized ADR Different

Why "Specialized" ADR? Specialized ADR has professionals with substantial experience in their respective fields available who can better understand and handle hard-to-resolve disputes in a pragmatic, reasonable, mutually acceptable manner. Some of our professionals have many years of successful mediation experience; others are non-lawyers who are leaders in their fields (e.g., engineer, appraiser, physician, internet and Intellectual Property, HR Consultant). Some of our mediators are Florida Supreme Court certified and facilitate at mediations in a traditional sense; others are non-certified, able to apply a more evaluative direct approach to settlement negotiations, as the parties request and the situation requires. Depending on the case at hand, having a non-certified professional experienced in the industry or field in question who will play an involved evaluative role may be exactly what the parties need.

Specialized ADR provides:
  • Online Scheduling
  • We utilize the experience of professionals who have extensive industry backgrounds
  • Team mediation
  • Weekend or Evening Mediation when needed
  • Conversational Fluency in languages other than English (Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese, French, among others)
  • Webcam Video Conferencing
  • Available at a moments notice
  • Effective, Responsive, ADR Neutrals